Come aboard our website to enjoy the events that await you at the Tucumcari Railroad Museum. We invite you to visit the exhibits in the restored Union Station depot originally built in 1926. Explore the many historical aspects of the railroad industry in Eastern New Mexico from the 19th Century to the present day.  Experience the "rumble and the roar" of passing freight trains and listen to the conversations of crews and personnel as they carry on their work. Enjoy being the engineer of a GP-38 diesel as it makes its run on the train simulator and the real hands-on control stand. Discover the fascinating history of the Southern Pacific and Rock Island railroads along with their predecessors, and their development from El Paso, TX to Liberal, KS from the Civil War to their eventual combinations into todays Union Pacific Railroad.  And learn about the people who were the ones whose endeavors created the railroads and built them into the industry that they are today.